2017 Calendar

Please note: Calendar correct at time of publication, but could be subject to change

FEBRUARY General Meeting – Track
05/02/2017 A.G.M and Busy Bee – Lunch provided by the Club
12/02/2017 Race Day 1
19/02/2017 Alternate Race Day
MARCH Committee Meeting after Race Day at track
12/03/2017 Race Day 2 – Brendan Lewis Race Day
19/03/2017 Alternate Race Day
APRIL Committee Meeting after Race Day at track
15/04/2017 Albany Championship  – Saturday
02/04/2017 Race Day 3
23/04/2017 Alternate Race Day
MAY General Meeting after Race Day at track
21/05/2017 Race Day 4
28/05/2017 Alternate Race Day
JUNE Committee Meeting after Race Day at track
18/06/2017 Race Day 5  – Fun Day
25/06/2017 Alternate Race Day
JULY Committee Meeting after Race Day at track
T.B.A Busy Bee – Saturday OR Sunday
16/07/2017 Race Day 6
23/07/2017 Alternate Race Day
AUGUST General Meeting after Race Day at track
13/08/2017 Race Day 7  – Kyle Runeckles Race Day
20/08/2017 Alternate Race Day
SEPTEMBER Committee Meeting after Race Day at track
(Committee to organize
groupings etc)
10/09/2017 Race Day 8
17/09/2017 Alternate Race Day
23/09/2017 Championships Setup 8am – 12pm
24/09/2017 Ross Burton Championships 2017
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25/09/2017 Championships clean up
OCTOBER Committee Meeting after Race Day at track
15/10/2017 Race Day 9 – Marco Giovannini Race Day
22/10/2017 Alternate Race Day
NOVEMBER General Meeting after Race Day at track
12/11/2017 Race Day 10
19/11/2017 Alternate Race Day
T.B.A Committee Meeting for
end of year trophies
T.B.A Wanneroo Show – Parking
02/12/2017 RAC Christmas Pageant
03/12/2017 Christmas Party – Whiteman Park, shade shelter WP